17 d’abril del 2011

Per Sant Jordi, un dia en què voldríem desdoblar-nos, estaré de 12 a 2 del migdia a les Rambles de Girona i de 5 a 6 de la tarda a la parada de Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (entre Passeig de Gràcia i Gran Via, davant dels cinemes Comèdia)

Ja tenim ebook de "Rere els murs"!!!
Gràcies a tots


9 d’abril del 2011

Behind the walls, Rere els murs, Tras los muros

behind the walls

has been awarded with the Nèstor Luján Award for Historical Novel. A novel set in the XII century in a world of fears and superstitions, where a young man is looking for freedom and love. The novel has just been published in Catalan language by Columna edicions anb in spanish language by Roca ediciones. Now it's translating into norwegian language.

Second half of the XII century. Whiped by the north wind known as tramontana, the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes stands imposing on the hills of "Cap de Creus", with an exceptional view over the bay of Llançà. Inside its walls lives a community of Benedictine monks and, among others, there is Sebastià, who takes care of the pilgrims hospital, and Blai, an orphan young man who will discover love and the great need to conquer his freedom.

But there are difficult times and the abbot Berenguer, a strict and authoritarian man, will have to protect his properties and the privileges of the monastery in front of the demands of the Count of Empúries and the Viscount of Peralada, their fights for the power control and political interests.

Besides, Mestre Peire, one of the most acclaimed sculptors of the XII century, has to sculpt the monumental marble door of church before the Jubileus…